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22nd-Jul-2008 03:37 pm - WOOT!
Gaiaonline, gaia, lonestarrae, avatar
Woot! i just got back from a three week trip around Western Europe. It was amazing and beautiful, but I am so glad to be home and able to rest and get to my computer!!!

Just wanted to let you all know I'm back.  
29th-Jun-2008 07:49 pm - My avatar
Gaiaonline, gaia, lonestarrae, avatar

So if anyone is wondering about my new avatar, I will explain! I belong to another online community, Gaiaonline, usually referred to solely as Gaia. I love the place. I've been a member since '06, and I have spent probably the equivalent of months on the site. 

If anyone looks me up, my username is lonestarrae there. My mule is lonestarsrae; long story short, I signed up, couldn't work it and altered the name to get a new account. The 'new' account is what is my main. I currently have over 5k posts, averaging a little less than 7 a day. I do use my mule account though.

This avatar, which I am using as mine here as well (after some photoshoping to bring it down to size,) has been my dream avatar for awhile. I got donations of about 80k (in gold, the Gaian's currency) but only used about 65k from the donation in this avi. Other than that, I have quested and worked my way to my beautiful avatar. I bought the kiki plushie on my head for a little less than 200k, and it is now worth at least 800k... and it's been going down in value. It peaked at 1.1 million gold.  At that point my avatar was worth 1.35 million gold, and all of my items together are worth 1.5 million gold.

Considering the only donations I've ever had have equaled less than 85k, that means I did all of that work by myself. So besides the fact that my avatar is absolutely AWESOME!, I love it because it is a representation of how much time I have spent on the site.  ^____^

It's good to be proud of something, ne?
27th-Jun-2008 08:47 am - Boo!
Gaiaonline, gaia, lonestarrae, avatar

So, I've never actually posted in this thing the entire time I've had it. I just remember my friends telling me to get one, and here I am. So I"m bored, don't want to do summer homework and have somehow stumbled back across this site.  If I manage to keep this journal updated, it might actually get interesting. Hmmm....

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